A Pack Of Lies

I can’t get the cartoon Pinky and the Brain out of my mind these days.  That was the one featuring a mad mouse and his stupid mouse minion plotting the domination of the world, as you may recall.  But my thoughts lead irresistibly toward the notion that there is indeed a Brain, an association of plutocrats … More A Pack Of Lies

The Joke’s On Us

Have you heard the one about the 2014 midterm elections?  Reporter asks the Senator from Kentucky, “Well, Senator, did you vote today?”  Senator says, “Hell no, son. Nowadays it’s easier to steal an election than to vote in one!”  You don’t have to be an investigative reporter to get to the meat of this joke, … More The Joke’s On Us

Hey, You Silly Geese

There is a fatal flaw in your reasoning—apart from the fact that it is reasoning—which is that you stereotype the Golden Shower’s constituency.  A fact of my life is that my cousin, who is an intelligent, world-traveling, educated woman, is fixed in her support for Trump, because “Hillary lies”.  How can this be? Have you … More Hey, You Silly Geese