A Coalmine In A Piss-Hued Canary Named Tweety

He doesn’t care about LGBTs’ rights.  He doesn’t care about African-Americans’ rights. He doesn’t care about Mexican-Americans’ rights. Or Arab and Muslim Americans’ rights. Or women’s rights. Or middle-class workers’ rights. Or climate change science. Or public education. Or environmental protection. Or public health. Or foreign relations. Or national security. Or facts. Or telling the … More A Coalmine In A Piss-Hued Canary Named Tweety

Guess whom!

With all the pitiful excuses for writers (pardon the shit out of me, I mean content creators) these days, I begin with an homage to bad grammar.  Whom can tell when it’s correct to use him/he, her/she, I/me, who/whom?  It ain’t the writers for television, that’s for sure.  How use an apostrophe with a proper noun when … More Guess whom!

Perp Walk Dreams

Is it even possible to keep up with these villians?  When, yesterday May 7, 2017, his POTUSness fired FBI Director James Comey following the director’s request for more dough for his investigation and the issuance of more subpoenas,  my favorite Evil Ninja Turtle Mitch McConnell has rejected calls for a special prosecutor to investigate ties between Russia and … More Perp Walk Dreams

Boghul’s Kids

Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of a cancer cell.          –Edward Abbey Entertain for a moment as fact an international affiliation of hyper-plutocrats who have swum in billions for generations and utilize the principals of capitalism to sustain their wealth and apply influence over the planet. Human life … More Boghul’s Kids